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The course of study will not only develop product knowledge to a specialist level, but will also enable students to acquire skills that will continue to be of use beyond the course. Currently scheduled courses and exams for Unit D1 can be found here. After taking the Unit D1 exam, Diploma students take the remaining units in any order they choose. The Capital Wine School offers both in-class and online courses. All exams must be taken in person at the Capital Wine School. Units D1 and D2 must be studied at the beginning of a Diploma program and the D1 exam sat first before proceeding to the other units.

We offer several formats to accommodate different schedules, including: Courses that span several weeks and meet once per week for hours in the evening, and intensive, full-day courses ranging from 1 to 3 days, usually on weekends. Understand what winemaking options are available to a producer and explain how these options influence the style, quality and price of wines produced. D1 exams for new candidates are held several times each year at the discretion of the Capital Wine School following D1 courses. Understand the factors that contribute to the price of wine by explaining supply and demand, production related costs and legislation.

Understand the types of businesses engaged in the production process by evaluating these businesses and the options for getting the wine to point of sale. Unit D2 is assessed by an open-response paper that is to be completed in 60 minutes. The examination will be held on four set dates per academic year in October, January, March and June. Understand how the growing environment, viticulture and winemaking options, wine law and regulation and wine business influence the style, quality and price of the wines of the world.

This includes describing, explaining and evaluating the various options in relation to the key wines of the world and how these influence the style, quality and price. Unit D3 is assessed by a theory and tasting examination to be held over two consecutive days held on two set dates per academic year in October and May. D3 must be sat in its entirety theory and tasting papers on the two consecutive days. Understand how the growing environment, viticulture and winemaking options, industry associations, labelling terms and wine business influence the style, quality and price of the principal sparkling wines.

This includes describing, comparing and explaining how these factors influence the style, quality and price of these wine styles. Unit D4 is assessed by an open-response paper and a tasting of three wines that is to be completed in minutes. The examination will be held on three set dates per academic year in October, January and June. Understand how the growing environment, viticulture and winemaking options, industry associations, labelling terms and wine business influence the style, quality and price of the principal fortified wines.

Unit D5 is assessed by an open-response paper and a tasting of three wines that is to be completed in minutes. Research a specified wine-related subject by using relevant resources to develop ideas and arguments to reach informed conclusions. The level of details, the material's quality, make me fall in love with Wine Scholar Guild. Mike Dutch, IWS. Vladimir Turetsky, FWS.

The FWS is amazing program with very broad and detailed approach. It helped me to understand and appreciate French wines and to be able to identify what is in the bottle only by looking at it and reading the label.

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  • WSET level 2 quiz - Test your knowledge - Decanter!
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Salvatore Sicilia, IWS. The course is really well presented, we had loads of great wines to taste and we covered every single Italian region, it almost felt we were on a vacation in Italy on each lesson. Albert Sheen, Champagne ML. Bruce Smoller, Bordeaux ML.

Bordeaux is an especially fun curriculum to have learned about. Malcolm Lamont, FWS. Luciano Radmil, IWS. Thanks to the IWS, that's not the case anymore. David Larsson, FWS. I feel like French Wine Scholar has given me a comprehensive understanding of the different wine regions of France. Mark Capra, FWS. John Callow, FWS. Tara Abernethy, FWS. These classes also brought amazing, new professional contacts into my life. I enjoy spending time with people who share similar interests and passions. Szilvia Herbak, FWS. It was both hard and very comprehensive.

Antoinette Landragin, FWS. The FWS program created a desire to explore more on the wine regions of the world, starting with France. Emily Saker, FWS. Peggy Baudon, FWS. I absolutely love the way Wine Scholar Guild provides a cultural and historical context for learning about wine. Gagan Sharma, FWS. France is a technically challenging subject to attempt for any wine professional, with such depth and intensity in every aspect. FWS has simplified the subject and offered information in a technical yet logical format with insights in to the history that makes it fun, anecdotal, easy to remember, and interesting.

Annie Ip, FWS. This course has inspired me to continue to study! The quality and depth of the FWS program is unmatched, you learn about wine from all regions of France with emphasis in history, the sense of place and local food. Michael Barber, IWS. I feel that the IWS course will help to serve as a great foundation for future studies. IWS banished all my fear and misconceptions which many wine lovers in Hong Kong have when it comes to appreciating Italian wine.

Undoubtedly, the complex and knowledgeable IWS study fulfill my understanding of Italian wines. It provides me with a clear image and systemic context of Italy wine. Paul Ceccaldi, FWS. The FWS program is an excellent program that allows you to deepen your knowledge in a specific field. Mike Bradley, IWS. It is impossible to know every producer, but the IWS program provides a foundation to appreciate the characteristics of any Italian wine and its provenance.

Murilo Azzi, FWS. The FWS has completely changed my viewpoint on studying wine - it is a deep and really amazing immersion in the French culture, considering the regional differences. The guidebook of FWS is fascinating: the information and graphics are so precise, and the stories about each wine region of France are just proper and enjoyable. Celeste Bailey, FWS. There is simply a lot more to learn about France and its wines in the FWS that is not available in other programs. I love the depth it took me to.

I love all the fine details within. I love all the interesting historical facts and explanations. I love all the colourful maps! I could feel the enthusiasm of the program providers. They really wanted to lead us into the fantastic world of Italian Wine!

Philip Green, FWS. The FWS has helped me to find the area of wine I wish to focus on — France and from there develop an ever deeper understanding of its regions. Renga Vasu, FWS. Equal emphasis was given to all the wine regions trying to help the student understand the subject rather than just pass a test. Shirley L. Paddock, IWS. My journey through the IWS program will provide a wonderful foundation and perspective on Old World wines in general and will allow me to compare and contrast the different regions.

Allison Hupp, FWS. The French Wine Scholar forced me to dig deeper into each region of France than I had ever been required to do previously. Zhiyong Zhou, FWS. I would be interested in becoming a certified FWS wine educator to further pursue my wine passion. Jade Yu, FWS. Now my knowledges on French wine regions and appellations are organized in a systematic way that are easy for me to recall. Bruce Smoller, IWS. This was a great introduction to the voluminous topic of Italian wines. Jake Skakun, Bourgogne ML. This program has given me the confidence to sell, buy, and discuss wines from a region that most seasoned wine professionals find intimidating.

WSET level 2 quiz part 2 – test your knowledge

Gordana Josovic, IWS. Italian Wine Scholar program helps me tremendously while covering Italy since it is much more comprehensive than some of the materials I have been using. Kathy Phillips, FWS. Fabio Lobosco, FWS. FWS added a lot to my previous wine studies, first because it was more focused and detailed in the France wine scenario. Second, it was a different approach, that expanded my comprehension.

Brandon Boudreau, Bordeaux ML. Having a program so rich with information coupled with leading renowned experts is a beautiful equation for enriching students like myself. Kevin Shaffer, Bordeaux ML. For anyone aspiring to reach the pinnacle of the industry, such as Master of Wine, the ML programs are a great way to prepare. Jessica Hammer, FWS. Besides helping me select good French wines to share with friends and family, FWS brought me important technical knowledge that will make a big difference in case I decide to enter the wine industry in the future.

The Master Level programs are incredibly detailed and well constructed and allow me to enhance my practical tasting experience with in-depth theoretical knowledge. Patric Andersson, FWS. Whichever route I choose, my FWS training will be a very good base as it is so deep and thorough at all levels. Clyde Woode, FWS. My FWS will be immensely helpful in furthering my wine consulting business, which I plan to relocate to the Pacific Northwest in the near future.

Joel Dicharry, FWS. Performing well in the FWS program has added a tangible level of confidence to my understanding of France, as well as giving me a host of resources to call upon as a member of the WSG through podcasts, webinars, pronunciation guides and reference materials. Rebecca Thompson, IWS. I love Italy! The class has been great to help me plan my travels when visiting different wine regions. Kelly Palmer, FWS. FWS is a beautifully constructed program. I was lucky to be able to enroll in the instructor led classroom program which at least for me is so much more beneficial than independent study.

Ettore Donadeo, Bourgogne ML. With this program I finally feel I have a good understanding of Bourgogne, its history, geography, the stylistic differences between the villages. Andrew Belcher, IWS. Like many of the other Wine Scholar Guild courses I have obtained a more comprehensive understanding of the history of the regions. I found the program very comprehensive and rigorous, yet very well designed and approachable for people in the wine industry as well as serious aficionados.

Aaron Chuang, IWS. Matthew Trowbridge, FWS. The French Wine Scholar program has not only deepened my knowledge of wine, but it has also steered my career path towards new and exciting opportunities. Christopher Cassidy, FWS. Tristan Colenso, FWS. Wanja Chomba, FWS. I immensely enjoyed the program's layout, intensity and focus. It was very thorough and I feel much more confident in my French wine knowledge.

The FWS program offered added substantial depth and focus to my knowledge of the great wines of France. Sanghyuk Lee, FWS. Crystal Chan, FWS. FWS program is one of the most informative wine courses I have attended. Will Witters, FWS. The FWS program was the most enjoyable class on wine I have ever taken. Puchapong Puttarak, FWS.

Quiz WSET-Level 2

Dennis Fraley, FWS. I was delighted to find a wealth of online references and felt the guided lectures and study material intuitive and easy to follow. Anson Wan, IWS. Italian Wine Scholar is not merely a wine course, but also a very interesting Italian wine and travel guide for me. It enabled me to study during every minute of free time that I had.

Vanessa Cornett, FWS. The FWS helped me to expand deepen my understanding of French wines, especially in regions I had not previously studied i. Jura, Savoie, Corsica! Michael A. Gustaitis, FWS. I must admit that your class was very informative and presented the material in a different way that I had studied before. Joseph Stampher, FWS. I feel ready to answer just about any question I get about French wine from friends, family, or even my future wine exams. David Harris, FWS.

The quality of the program and instructors was outstanding. The FWS program has certainly peaked my interest in studying a specific region or regions of France in further depth. Tanya Morning Star Darling. The master level programs in general make me a better teacher, and I hope will translate into more success for my students in not just the French Wine Scholar courses, but in all the classes I teach.

Andrea Eby, IWS. The Italian Wine Scholar program has been instrumental in providing me with a level of knowledge that I simply had not been exposed to previously. Massimiliano Guerra, FWS. Alessandra Esteves, FWS. The FWS program has helped me understand the region a lot better, so now I can choose more suitable wines for my classes and talk more confidently about the region. Jeffrey G. My master-level studies forced me to explore in some depth topics that I had not concentrated on in my independent studies.

Matt Weaver, FWS. I was very excited to study for the FWS exam. I view understanding France as a critical foundation of my wine journey. Marianne Welch, IWS. After taking many other classes I truly believe that the WSG ranks as the number one superior program. Daniel French, IWS. I initially took the Italian Wine Professional certification.

This was definitely the most in-depth study program I have taken, and will be a model on which I approach future personal studies. Paolo Mittiga, IWS. The IWS course it has been just amazing. Maria Liotta, IWS. Thank you for providing this much-needed program. It exceeded my expectations!

Valentina Pestova, FWS. Rosalie Fanale, FWS. Isabella Izquierdo, FWS. This course has been a great complement as it has deepened my knowledge in French wine, these being the utter-most influential. Dustin Freund, FWS. I felt that the WSET was a very good course but it covers the whole world of wine, including spirits.

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Alfreda So, FWS. Gilles Blanchard, FWS. The FWS program is a really full and complete program and brought me the very precise and detailed information. Edmund Chow, IWS. The knowledge that I gain from both the FWS and the IWS will certainly help me to rise to a higher level and achieve my goals and dreams. The Italian Wine Scholar program can only strengthen my standing as a wine enthusiast and aspiring sommelier particularly when my travels take me back to Europe. Jessie Hopwood, FWS.

Garrell Keesler, FWS. After completing the FWS Program, I not only have a deeper knowledge of the wines of France, I have a more comprehensive foundation for all future wine study. To date, the French Wine Scholar course has been the best educational experience on this journey. Megan Barone, FWS. I found the program to be thorough and rigorous, yet easy to follow and absorb. I've been able to better educate my crew and customers about French wine since the course.

Joshua Lee, FWS. Lim Yee Chuin. I am glad that I made the decision to take the Champagne ML exam, which is a step forward in achieving my dream in being a champagne specialist one day! The IWS provided [ Peggy Baudon, IWS. It was complete nirvana being immersed in the world of Italian wine. Karin Kallio, IWS. The Italian Wine Scholar opened up the vast world of Italian wine. It has given me confidence to better sell Italian wine. Michael Tremblay, FWS. The FWS program will not doubt play a role in my future endeavours. Robert W. Fullerton, FWS. I definitely plan to continue my future studies by taking advantage of the excellent programs offered by the Wine Scholar Guild.

Joseph Broom, FWS. Besides serving as a gateway to the wonderful world of French wine, I also met some wonderful people who have become good friends and with whom I can share my new-found passion for wine. Diego Rech, FWS. Amanda Stott, FWS. Claire Commaille. The Master level program is different from the WSET and other programs as it teaches you to get the whole picture of the region with the history, geography and much more.

Ann Brydle, IWS. Matthew Landry, IWS. Albert Yau, FWS. Jimmy Chang, FWS. FWS definitely helped my career in a big way. Jie Tian, FWS. Actually, FWS is quite helpful in my sommelier program study. For sure I can become the No. Sariya Kampanathsanyakorn, FWS. Sylvia Wiedemann, FWS.

Upon completion of this course, I feel like I have a much better handle on the beauty and complexity of French Wines. Fred Salumunek, FWS. French Wine Scholar was the logical source for diving deeply into French Wine. While pursuing this education, I also began a second career in the wine business. Yvonne Davis, FWS. FWS is a great tool in any wine education pursuit. I highly recommend the program.

Whether you are on the Somm or Wine Education path, FWS can aid in gaining deeper perspective into the main wine regions. Jayden Lam, FWS. FWS gives me the confidence to better approach French wines. Real Estate.

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Art History. Other Fine Arts. Knowledge Rehab. National Capitals. People You Should Know. Sports Trivia. Tarot Cards. Who Is It For? Learn Wine Map. Prep for a quiz or learn for fun! Sample Decks: 1. Sample Decks: Winemaking. Sample Decks: California Cab. Sample Decks: wine making exam questions. Sample Decks: Fws-tradition, Fws-law, Fws-grapes. Gallo Wine Flashcard Maker: bill grafeman Cards —.

Sample Decks: Mix, Winemaking, Vineyards. Sample Decks: History, Winemaking, reds. Sample Decks: 8. Systemic approach to tasting, 9. Wine with food, Storage and service of wine. Sample Decks: General German info, Where is this village? Systematic Approach of Tasting Wine, 2. Wine with food, 3. Storage and Service of Wine. The Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine, 2.