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Instead of creating an entry for a single R, the program created a half-dozen, which I had to combine. Otherwise, the online program looked and worked much the same way as the desktop software. When I wanted to pose a question to a tax expert, I had to dig around. But not anymore. When I had a question about recording tax-exempt interest, I clicked on the help link, and TurboTax offered a choice between a call and an online chat.

Within seconds, I was e-chatting with Marilyn G. We were done in less than five minutes, and I paid nothing extra. All three companies also provide extensive tax-law explanations embedded in their programs. Where TurboTax irks is with its pitching of additional products and services. The online program asked if I wanted to set up an I. It encouraged me to contribute to a charity, Operation Homefront, that TurboTax supports. But I enjoyed its eye-pleasing, easy-to-use interface and concluded that, for most people, it could do a fine job. This year, I had problems installing it.

I kept trying to remove any obstacles at my end. I quit my browser, Safari, and restarted. uses cookies.

I turned off my pop-up blocker and my antivirus software. I rebooted my Mac. Nothing helped. After that minute detour, I popped in the CD and set about installing the software and the latest updates.

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During the update installation, the program quit. I restarted. Finally, it worked. Were the glitches my fault? Lots of nontechies use software to do their taxes. And I love the lime green of its interface, which calls to mind Kermit the Frog. The chances of needing this help are slim — the I.

It might be time to go back to TurboTax. The taxact prices are wrong. We used to use it faithfully, but are looking at switching now. Screenshot attached:. I used them last year but I will pass on their shady pricing this year — I hope it costs them a lot of business. Also onboard with saying goodbye to TaxAct.

So I am an artist and I sell my work and have a small home based business and also live in a state where we pay state taxes. I would like to know which service you reccomend. My husband gets a w I have used TurboTax for small businesses for years, but feel like they try to hide things. When doing my taxes I really have to hunt or go back and go back to make sure I did not miss anything that could save me.

Looking for a cheaper but also easier to work with system. Download includes multiple returns in the price. Online is one only. Not happy with tax act.

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Not sure who at Taxact is pulling the shots, but they may want to give them the boot before they completely destroy the company. Pretty solid review. I may have to give my own taxes a try next year again. I liked it and used it because of the ability to fill out a MISC for gas well royalties.

None of the other Turbo Tax offers have this form available, however Turbo Tax has raised the price almost ever year. Back then both federal and state together were included and the price was around the Last year it cost me Screw — Turbo Tax!!! Anyone suggest which software would would have the MISC schedule E for filing royalties off gas wells? The rest of my return is simple, just a house, a few acres of land, couple of vehicles, and a pontoon boat, which are ALL paid for — no loans.

Thank you,. I have used TaxAct for quite a few years. Just used the online version Taxact Online Plus to file. Bye, Taxact. I recently found out that you can file for FREE on irs. You can save and go back later. They explain a lot of it up front, so you can decide whether it is for you or not.

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Out of curiosity, I went to TaxAct. Used them since when TurboTax pulled a price-gouging trick. She was downright confrontational and raising her voice, and I in turn raised mine — and then she told me that I was raising my voice and if I continued she would have to hang up on me. There is a deal on slickdeals. Their charge on the website is a lot lower. I am amazed how easy it is to switch from Taxact to TurboTax, because TurboTax automatically read my prior year information inside Taxact, and populate related fields.

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Another tax season is upon us. Again it looks like Turbo Tax is changing what each version does. I also state file. I also always do my taxes on the MAC — preferring not to do them on line. Is this true or am i mis-interpreting the website? We thought TurboTax dropped Schedule C support from their offering in — but the desktop version might have been slightly different than online. Our recommendation for small business owners this year is to consider TaxSlayer or TaxHawk.

I have used TaxAct since before they sold out to Turbo Tax. Now for my taxes with TacAct not providing the cd option, and the steeply increased pricing, I am leaving TaxAct in the dust of the past. Richard DeCowsky. Is there some extra effort or expense on their part or it is just an excuse for them to stick their hands in your pockets when you are so close to being done?

While it does cost them more to develop specialized software for each state, and efiling also does cost them, they are definitely making a profit on their pricing. I have also used TT before and left them for Taxact in I have been happy with them but am upset that they are not responsive to loyalty. I will be looking at other options as well. Thanks for the Heads up on these changes. Sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat, but solving it in different ways. I kept looking for that deal and never was offered one this year.

It leaves me no reason to even consider them. Importing R forms from PDF caused my online session to malfunction, so that I could not complete my return and I had to sign up again with a new id and start over.

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The online site said that was invalid but would not let me correct it, so I had to delete the forms and key them in manually. At least I did not have to start the process again for this error. So we get a small commission regardless of which product you sign up for. At the end of the day, which software you choose is based on your tax situation, your level of experience and knowledge, and what features you may be looking for.

Sending less private data over the wires i. That price difference seems ridiculous though. At your personal computer, you could have a hard drive fail, data be corrupted, power surge, computer virus, hacking, etc. When you leverage online software, these companies have full teams dedicated to preventing all these things. You run a much higher risk. TurboTax and the like could get hacked, but the risk is so much less than you as an individual. And the general risk of data loss is minimal. And as a reminder — all of your information is already out there. Most interesting article, RF. I buy the downloadable version, even though it costs more, because there are generally at least three of us using the program for our returns, and sometimes four or five.

I guess we stick with them because we count the cost as a business expense on one of our Schedule Cs.

Last year I saved the e-mail and actually printed out my response to it, so was able to demonstrate that I had pre-signed for a lower price. Your email address will not be published. We especially like that they expanded their Free Online Tax Filing option to include some itemized deductions, and they made their free edition truly free.

This could help a lot of people who itemize. TaxAct changed their pricing structure and tiers again this year, added a Self Employed option was called Freelancer last year , and added in a Premium level that includes audit support for the first time. Read our full TaxAct review here. Read our full TurboTax review here.

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Comparing Online Small Business Editions. Comparing Online Free Editions Let's take a look at the online free editions for each company and see how they compare. TurboTax Free. TaxAct Free.

Review: TurboTax 2012 for Mac

Try TurboTax Free. Try TaxAct Free. Comparing Online Deluxe Editions Next, let's look at the online "basic" editions of each product. TurboTax Deluxe. Try TurboTax Deluxe. Comparing Online Premium Editions This is where the versions really matter. TurboTax Premier. Try TurboTax Premier. Comparing Online Small Business Editions Each of the three companies offer a small business edition of their software.

TurboTax Self Employed. Try TurboTax. Try TaxAct. Comparing Downloadable Basic Editions. TurboTax Basic. TaxAct Basic. Try TurboTax Basic. Comparing Downloadable Deluxe Editions. TaxAct Deluxe. Try TaxAct Deluxe. Comparing Downloadable Premium Editions. TaxAct Premier. Try TaxAct Premier.

Comparing Downloadable Small Business Editions. TaxAct Self-Employed. Comments The Deluxe version is by far the most popular. Adios TaxAct!! I agree! I will find something else, simply based on principle. That is true price gouging. Doubt I will take them up on it as a more than double price increase does not sit well with me. Does anyone know if Turbotax, or HR Block can convert my saved taxact file?? How do you figure that?

Much safer — statistically.