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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

We have recently discovered that there is a known issue impacting PowerPoint audio narration on Mac computers.

Recording Audio for Powerpoint 2016 on a Mac

When recording audio narrations in PowerPoint, the audio can get randomly cut off. There are reported issues of this happening in Office , and The best solution for the problem is to record your PowerPoint audio narrations on a PC. This is by far the easiest solution, and you can continue using the same audio narrations function in PowerPoint to handle the recording.

If you have any additional questions regarding this, please contact the Learning Technology Center. Any input? Cindy, what do you mean by PowerPoint 10? Can anybody help? Can you direct me to a fix? Thanks so much.

Tutorial: Save your PowerPoint as a Video | Present Better

I have a 36 slides presantation, which on 32 of them there are 25 seconds videos, and the other slides are with audio made bu me.. I have created a video file converted from PowerPoint presentation which is actaully a tribute to my precious dog that I lost a few days back. It has photos and text.

I have managed to set a time of 25 seconds between slides so that the text can be read. Was wondering if one could only navigate the slides manually by a mouse click as some readers would read fast and some slow and so a mouse click might be more suitable. Sorry about your dog.

Just recorded the first video ever. I was so happy when I uploaded that on YouTube. The Video is so blurry.

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Like larry, I am having the same issue. I have about 6 different songs that play through my 10 minute PowerPoint. My Power Point works great but when I tried to convert it to video some of my songs over lap and I will have two songs playing at once. Is there any way to fix this I have tried everything I feel like including Google sesrchrd and no one seems to have an answer for this problem. Very disappointing given I have slides and 30 songs I timed. This is in PowerPoint Thanks, Jill. Any ideas? My professor just informed me that I have to take my ppt speak about it inside the ppt and then convert it and get it onto youtube.

I have nver done anything like this before, any suggestions? I am not a technologist and done even know where to begin.

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Save the mp3 audio files in the same folder with the MP4 video. To get the high def, I set up the slide show in PowerPoint under the Design tab on the ribbon, click on slide size and select Widescreen In Windows Movie Maker, on Home tab, go the far right and click on Save movie, click on create custom setting, in the Name field, enter something like YouTube Renderer, in video settings, set to pixels wide, high, kbps Bit rate, For your audio setting, if you have music in your video, select kbps, 48 kHz, stereo.

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Now click save. After uploading the MP4, importing music, and adjusting your transitions, click the File tab, click Save Movie not YouTube unless you want average performance , and select YouTube Renderer created above.

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  • Windows Movie Maker will tell you that your file size will be really big at However, this is the best quality I can get for YouTube. I have got rates on YouTube, and there are no artifacts or audio hesitation like I have had in the past when inserting the audio in PowerPoint.

    I have a powerpoint presentation completed and saved. How do I get that onto Youtube. I have a MacBook Pro laptop. Please help!

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    This step helps ensure there's enough time for everyone to comprehend the slides in your PowerPoint. Warning Recorded narration will add to the size of the PowerPoint file even if you turn it off. About the Author James T Wood is a teacher, blogger and author. Accessed 02 November T, James. Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.