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This is the most confusing concept to understand at first, so it's important to let this settle in. Traditionally, you're used to globally installing any sort of program or software on your computer. If you want Spotify, you'll download Spotify, and then it will be available to you. With npm, you will have some global installs, but mostly everything will be done on a local project basis, meaning you'll have to install everything you need for each project in its own directory.

If you want to have a project running Gulp and Sass, you'll create a directory, with a new npm install. For future reference, any global installations will have the -g flag.

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Go to the Node installation page , and download the Node installer. I have a bit Windows 10 OS, so I chose that one. Once it's done, you can test to see both node and npm functioning by opening PowerShell or any shell and typing node -v and npm -v , which will check the version number. In order to install everything on a Mac, we'll be running commands in Terminal.

sudo: npm: command not found

Restart the terminal. Now that Node. At this point, you're set to start setting up Gulp, Webpack, Browserify, or whatever your aim is. We can also create a simple project to test that everything is working properly. The rest you can just press enter and skip. Now you'll notice we have a package. A package. Now, we're going to install our first dependency - a very important and useful package called left-pad , which will add white space to the left side of a string, adding up to a number.

To install a dependency with npm, we use the command npm install dependency-name-here. Now, simply running npm install will download the dependency, but it won't save it to the project. Since we've already created our package. It will also create a package-lock. Finally, it updated our package. You can also run npm install --save-dev to specify that the dependency will only be used for development not production purposes. Let's create index. This is everything you should have now:.

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It will get really overwhelming with bigger projects. In order to use a dependency, we use require and put it in a variable, like so:. - sudo: npm: command not found - Stack Overflow

This will be the entirety of our index. Since Node. In your shell, run the node command followed by the filename in the root of your project. If everything went well, you should have printed Hello, World! To set your PATH:. You said you are pretty new to command-line stuff, so if this does not make much sense, leave a comment and I will try to provide further clarification.

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How to install and Node Package Manager (NPM) on Mac OSX

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