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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

For this case, the wizard's drop-down list contains a list of installation media that were previously used with VirtualBox. If your medium is not in the list especially if you are using VirtualBox for the first time , select the small folder icon next to the drop-down list to bring up a standard file dialog, with which you can pick the image file on your host disks. May , I use the ISO file when I start up the Virtual Machine for the first time, then I go through all the installation processes but it stops at the moment stated before. So I do not try to installing it on my Mac host, but on the Mac guest virtual machine.

Do you have any further suggestions? May , I want to see a zipped log file from a failed session: Start the VM. Not from a saved or paused state. Clean start.

How To Install Mac OS X Yosemite On VMware (AMD And Intel) UPDATED

Post a screenshot of your whole screen. Shut down the VM. Not saved or paused. Completely shut down.

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If you can't shut it down by normal means, close the VM window and select "Power off". Select "Show Log I would also like to see the "recipe" of the VM, the ". Select "Show in Finder".

ZIP the selected ". May , Here are the documents.


May , Excellent job gathering the evidence! Thank you.

How to Install mac OS X Yosemite on AMD Processors on VMware on Windows? - IntoGuide

Where did you get the DVD from? Could you try the " InstallerApp2iso. You don't have to proceed with the conversion, just the part after the screen clears and the summary info is presented? There's no point to trying full screen mode. Not with an OSX guest.

Jun , What do you mean by: where did you get the DVD from? And how do I run the bash script? All rights reserved.

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  • They can take up to ten minutes or more, depending on your HD speed. If you selected a network location or an external HD, these times can vary a lot. Jun , So I did the conversion with the bash script and the iso that came out of the bash scripts seems to be working. I keep you updated! Jun , Wait You used my script and now it's working? I'll have to take another look at what you used originally to see if I missed something. The reason I wanted you to run the script was to see what Your Mac came originally with About Cloud Network Providing on the Web, online library and learning platform for IT Professional Developers with a unique blend of original content, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT.

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    Contact Us About Us. Cloud Network. Networking Support Tricks Troubleshoot Tips. Hello Everyone,. In this tutorial,. Minimum System Requirements. Graphics Card and Display capable of at least x Internet Access.

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    Step First Download Virtual box setup below is this link to download. Virtual Box. Another Link to Download Virtual Box. X for Windows hosts 32 or 64 bit. Where 'X' is the Latest Version.

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    Click Below link. How to Install Virtual Box. Yosemite Zone