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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

The first two entries will include your Mac model and the release date for the model. You can compare this information against the model list above. There's another way to check whether your Mac can be updated.

Установка Hackintosh OS X 10.8.2 "Переезжаем на Mac" [1 Серия]

You can use Terminal to verify that your Mac boots using a bit kernel. Terminal will return a few lines of text indicating the version of the Darwin kernel this is being used. The above process will only work if you're running OS X Lion.

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If you're still running OS X Snow Leopard, you'll need to force boot into the bit kernel by restarting your Mac while holding down the 6 and 4 keys. Some Macs that aren't on the list above may still be able to run Mountain Lion, provided they can successfully boot using the bit kernel. This is possible if you've upgraded an older Mac by replacing a logic board, a graphics card , or another major component.

If your Mac can't make the jump to Mountain Lion, you may still want to upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion, if you haven't already. If your Mac is running the latest OS it can support, you'll be able to receive software updates, and more importantly, security updates, for as long as possible.

Apple usually provides security updates for the current version of the OS, as well as the previous two versions of the OS.

Step 1: Check your Mac can run the macOS version

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Updated September 27, Select About This Mac from the Apple menu. Click the More Info button. Make sure Hardware is selected in the Contents list. Enter the following command at the Terminal prompt:.

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If you have a Time Machine backup from before you updated your Mac, you can jump to this section. But remember you won't be recovering any data you have added since you upgraded. Once you have the installer downloaded you might think you can just click to install it and your Mac will be updated or rather, downgraded with the older version. Unfortunately it's not that simple. Not keen on completely wiping your Mac?

How to Upgrade Mac to macOS High Sierra

There are options. You could install the version you require on an external drive, for example. Want to run two or more versions of macOS alongside each other? That's also a possibility. There are actually multiple methods you can use to install an older version of the Mac operating system on your Mac. The most appropriate method for you will depend on a number of factors including whether you want to run more than one version of macOS.

We also have dedicated articles for these different methods that go into more detail, you'll find links below. If you have a Time Machine backup that predates the version of macOS that you want to bid farewell to, then this could be the simplest solution for you.

Remember that if you recover from an old backup you will lose the data you have added since updating to the version of macOS you wish to uninstall. Here's how to restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup. While we are talking about Recovery, you might like to try the following method of downgrading your Mac to the version of macOS it shipped with.

How to Upgrade Mac to macOS High Sierra -

It didn't actually work for us when we tried, perhaps because our internet connection wasn't good enough, but it should work in theory! This is effectively a clean install, which we look at in more detail here: How to do a clean install of macOS. You will be wiping your Mac and installing the version of macOS you require on a clean slate. Running a version of macOS on an external drive is a great solution if you wish to continue to run the version of macOS currently installed on your Mac. Rather than go through the steps here, we direct you to this article about how to run How to run macOS on an external drive.