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Contains 3D pigments and designed to work with your skin to conceal imperfections. Lavender: for dullness and sallowness. Peach: for undereye circles and dark spots. Green: for redness and blemishes. Even Better Dark Spot Defense. A milky primer that instantly gives you a fair skin and helps blurs out redness for a brighter complexion. Saturates the skin with a concentrated boost of hydration and gently soothes, revives and replenishes the skin while preparing it for the foundation.

Step1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer. Collect and grab your favorite items from fashion to beauty, home appliances to gadgets. Shop today to SAVE more! Hurry until Nov 11 only! Get the best quality products from top seller items. Browse and collect yours at very affordable prices! Get ready for the holiday season and grab your gift sets now with discounts. Shop now to SAVE more budget! Primers are super underrated. There are some who are even skeptical about the use of primers because they think primers are just an extra step to an already time-consuming makeup routine.

However, primers do serve a very important purpose. Of course, that important purpose relies mostly on the type of primer you use. But for the most part, primers are essential because they help your foundation to last longer. It serves as a base that your foundation clings on to so that it won't slide around and fade away throughout the day.

But that's just the primary purpose of primers. The secondary purpose of primers depends on your skin type. Is it dry or oily? Do you have large pores? Do you have breakouts and acne? Do you need illumination? These are things that a great primer can address. So let's dive into which type of primer you need in your life.

If large pores are your primary concern, you'll want to use a pore-filling primer that helps smooth your skin. The great thing about this primer is that it also helps keep oil at bay. So apply this onto both the oily areas and the areas with large pores before you apply foundation. Large pores are often accompanied by oily skin, and there are some products who can address both issues. It glides right on and also helps minimize fine lines and large pores. This is the perfect primer for ladies who find that their foundation fades away because of their oily skin.

If there are primers for oily skin, there are also primers for dry skin. Hydrating primers also help keep the skin plump and supple, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. We all love a good glow, right? But if you're the type of gal who wants an all-over subtle glow as opposed to piling on the highlighter, you'll want to try the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter. Think of it as the primer that will give you the perfect Instagram filter, but in real life. Primers can also color-correct so that your foundation looks flawless.

The green primer helps to hide redness, the purple primer brightens sallow areas, and the peach primer helps hide dark circles and blemishes.

If you want a primer that has built-in sun protection, try out the Banila Co. This is the type of primer that's perfect for on-the-go ladies who want one product for two purposes. Just keep in mind that sun protection may result in a white cast when you use flash photography, so skip this primer if you'll be photographed with flash!

Sensitive Skin. Primers also serve as a barrier between your makeup and your skin. If your skin type is sensitive, you'll want a gentle primer that can shield your skin from potential allergens in other products you use. The Banila Co. Prime Primer Purity is a primer specially made for oily skin. It contains no allergens and won't clog your pores, which means you're unlikely to suffer from a breakout when using it!

Ensure that the makeup you applied meticulously in the morning will still be there at night. These primers not only prolong the lifespan of your makeup, but it also has skincare benefits that nourish and soothe your skin! Take away the pressure of adding sunscreen into your makeup routine. Here are the best makeup primers with SPF to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and protected this summer! Love this Vaseline jelly! Napakagandang protectant nito sa balat. Mula pa sa mga parents ko at sa ibang family members namin, ito ang ginagamit noon pa.

Ang dali lang nitong magkaroon kasi available ito kahit saan. Light and refreshing! Okay na okay ang deo spray na ito.

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Nagpo-provide ito ng light refreshing spray para sa mga girls sa affordable na halaga lang. Napakaganda din ng design ng spray bottle nila at nape-prevent ang Love the shade Honey. Yung unang ginamit ko ay Sand Beige na pinaka-dark na nilang shade. May pagka-lighte Normal ba yung ganito na quality? Paano ko malalaman kung original ang mabibili ko na sabon?

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  6. Primer for Oily Skin: Becca's Ever Matte Poreless Perfecting Primer, $39?

Etude House Face Blur P Pixi Glow Mist P - 5 Prices. Peripera Blur Pang P - 5 Prices. Expires: November 11, View all Lazada voucher codes. Expires: ongoing View all Lazada voucher codes. So it's necessary to have in your arsenal! If you'd like specific recommendations, Whittle has a few upscale and bargain favorites. If you want your foundation to stay on for a full 24 hours or something to that high standard then you're probably wondering if a primer will help you achieve it.

Best Makeup Primer for Oily Skin

Debris explains that putting on primer will help longevity, but that it also might not be percent worth your money. A primer would be a huge help if you happen to buy a foundation, and you find out after the fact that it doesn't stay on as long as you would hope it to. Use a primer! If you have no problem with your foundation staying on all day, then a primer isn't totally necessary.

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But if you feel like you want a more air brushed look to your skin and your foundation formula isn't bringing it, Debris suggests enlisting the help of a primer to do just that. So, if you are looking for any of those features, then you are more than welcome you use a primer," Debris shares. If you're using makeup to help blur out things like acne or wrinkles, then primer can help your foundation work harder to achieve that.

For situations like those, primers are necessary. If you're prone to wear makeup often and want to protect your skin from getting clogged, then primers are a great way to do that.

9 Best Face Primers, According to Makeup Artists | SELF

If you're prone to breakouts and makeup clogs your pores, primers are a fantastic way to help eliminate that problem because your skin will never be soaking up all of that foundation," says Justine Losoya, one of the key makeup artists on NBC's Chicago. But if you don't have those problems or don't wear a ton of makeup, then Losoya says it's not necessary to invest in a face primer if you don't want to. If you're not percent certain if you believe in the power of face primers, then buy one that double tasks. There are so many on the market that do more than just set the stage for foundation.

Tinted primers advertised as color correctors help to reduce redness, brighten skin tone, add luminosity, or color-correct age spots, depending on the color," Losoya points out. This will allow you to skip heavy foundation coverage since it will do some of the work the cosmetic would. She loves using these products just on the T-zone before applying foundation so she's not relying solely on powder.

If you put on primer and find it doesn't do anything to help you blur your complexion or help your cosmetics stay on longer, the problem might not be with the formula. The issue might be with your skin care routine.

So yay — you didn't buy a dud product! If you have oil-prone skin, wash with a cleanser and toner that will help you control the buildup during the day. Or if you have dry, flaky skin, make sure to exfoliate and lotion your face so your foundation doesn't look cakey when you put it on. After all, there's only so much a primer can do without you taking care of your skin first. Another reason why your face primer might not be working is because you chose one that doesn't cater to your skin.

For example, if you have dry skin you need a formula that hydrates, or if you have oily skin you need one that will help combat the grease buildup. Hence the reason for oil absorbing priming products. It's very important to read labels!