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Frelorn made a post on the forums with some things that might help fix the issue:.

Mac Client: Launcher Error > Can't login (error: [Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data ...)

Go to your Internet Options Click connections tab LAN setting check the box that says auto detect proxy settings and on proxy server uncheck the box that says use a proxy server for u LAN click OK then apply then on the game launcher click on the the down arrow on the top right and click options then proxy server tab check the no proxy setting then click OK.

Hopefully these steps help you get in game, though many are reporting that they still cannot get in-game even after trying these steps. I had that same problem earlier. All i did was try a couple of times unsuccessfully then i tried logging into a different world also failed. After I closed out again I went back to the world I wanted and it worked successfully. LOL okay so it was probably pure luck but I did get in.

Look in the Options on the launcher when you first start it. Last edited by Running-Target ; 25 Feb am. Anyone having this problem - check "cheshirm" comment above, especially the Log part. It should be stickied as a solution to this problem until the developers fix it! Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 11 Jun, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Looking for friends to play with. Is Guardian a good solo class? Download issue. Steam me pide reinstalar el juego. I think it somehow manages to run outside the working directory but haven't been able to localize the exact problem yet.

Will go right ahead, dumping pwd and arguments again against my fake lotroclient in the actual cedega instance, to see if that gives me a clue. You will get the update as soon as I am able to provide it. Man, I figure this whole launcher thing out but now I cannot get the damn client to find its data files under cedega. If someone has any idea why it would complain about being unable to open the data files error , please drop me a line or two.

Should Work Fine TM , access rights look good. Opening, even writing files works fine verified with the parameter dumper. You've certainly got me excited! I'd love to be able to play this in Linux. I'm glad there are people out there like you, to help people like us. There's only one kind of dump that I know how to do, and it doesn't have anything to do with computers.

I just had to drop by and offer congratulations, too. That's truly amazing work, SNy. I'm not going to rush you for an update but should you manage to get it running under Linux, Linux will then have support for one of the latest and likely greatest, I think MMO players on the scene. More of an excuse to jump to Linux for people that haven't yet! And an excuse for me to finally get rid of my Windows drive. I'll certainly be watching for further updates, then.

I'll have to mess around with SNy's launcher script tomorrow and see if I have any luck. Try using a different program to sockify. Thats on windows though, not sure if there are unix versions sorry. Any help you can give would be muchly appreciated. Same as Cedega I am currently not finding where I had copied this to, but on the command line options help screen of the beta client I saw an option to pass the directory of the games data-files to the launcher.

I will search further or try to reinstall the beta client to get that options name and post it here. Hi SNy i think you have to copy the hole system32 folder from windows into the lotro folder. Now you maybe can start lotro. Another idea. Seems I misread something or I just can't find that option anymore.

But anyway - here are the cl-options from the Beta lotroclient. We will not switch into very high texture detail.. Instead, the wlib will be loaded directly from the hard drive. Alternately, logtype enums seperated by ',' are enummapped and or'ed together. The error is something users on windows also have. It sounds in the offical LotRO forums that especially Vista users where affected by this.

It was almost always a problem with permissions. Although I think I set the write permissions right, it doesn't work yet. On a side note to SNy: Your very nice script Many thanks for your work! Cheers guys, have been on a business trip the last week, just came back in. Regarding all the suggestions, BTDT to no avail. Option "--rodat true" doesn't help the thing, permissions for all the files are OK as I said, fake client can read and write.

I think it somehow does try to read the stuff from elsewhere. Whereabouts still unknown. I also renamed the folder to "LOTRO" just to be sure that the spaces didn't pose a problem, still a no-go. I did read the thing about the system32 files over in the ddo thread, haven't tried that yet, though. Seems to be worth trying. Maybe later in the evening. Also, interestingly, I can NOT install under cedega. It told me the same thing the launcher does "requires Windows NT" which I took in the way of the installer being.

NET, too. Maybe it's the older cedega version I have. Regarding the question of using the script on windows, that's what I use it for, ATM. You need to install cygwin a unix-like environment with bash and all the GNU tools and then you can simply run the script from the cygwin bash. It installed fine for me afterwards. Itried this today, followed the instructions exactly and all I got was a segfault when cedega tries to run lotroclient. Haven't looked into this further, but most likely this should be an issue with at least one of the dll's.

Have to investigate that way somewhat further. However I have some prolems with it. The path to pass should be a dos like one, only wiith slashes instead of backslashes. The shortcut itself I changed to point to lotroclient. As the shortcut itself has set its working directory I wanted to try this way. But I still only get the error complaining it is not able to write to its datafiles. Please note if you want to use this commandline, that I inserted another environment variable called Language because I try all I do with a german and an english client.

Hi All, I would love to lend a hand with some testing unfortunately I can't seem to get Sny's script to work as it points to the eu gls server and I am in Australia, hence I cannot authenticate Any one know what the correct auth server is for over here or where I might be able to find it? Is it possible to install on Win XP and then copy the directory over to Linux?

Would that work as I could get it installed at a friend and then transfer it back. Shouldn't be a big problem as LotRO does only create one Registry entry about its version number. Installation is not the problem, it is getting the game to run in a mono. There are some good thinkers on the job, so I'd just keep an eye on this thread.

So, I did not look into this too deep the last week, what I can say is that, oddly enough, the game reads its files fine under an old wine I forcably put onto this ubuntu 6. It then cannot create meaningful visuals though and crashes with audio failure shortly after. This is due to missing a 32 bit libasound on said box, though. What I need to do is to install a new, preferably 32 bit, ubuntu with latest wine version to see if that helps anything.

If anyone comes up with any news after testing, please feel free to share reports. I also got a few mails. Hopefully my suggestion worked, lets see if we hear from him. Other than that future improvements would involve reading the real client config to address your hints from above LOTROEU and lotroeugls. SNy -- Update: I just installed the latest ipackage of wine 0. Update tomorrow. If you were getting a language data file error: The language setting "en" is for the US client. Game starts now if set to Win or XP. Just get a black screen though.

LotRO -- Steam Install -- Issues (and Solutions)

NET 1. This is already done by SNy's script and afaik it starts the game on windows machines. Just getting it to run on linux is the problem atm. I got it running at least some bit: It shows the mouse cursor and th first screen, then it comes to the "Connecting to Authentication Server" and suddenly stops after the first attemp, displaying a blank black screen with an unclickable "Quit" button in the center of it.

Will look into this further. I got this with wine Here is also the complete output wine gave me on the command line. Choosing de as language correctly gives me a "Verbindung zum Authentifikations-Server wird hergestellt" and "Verlassen" as the buttons text. There seems to be something we are missing Ah well, about the lotro forums thing I would so like to post the link to the launcher there Hm, OK, let's see. I will see if I can find the time to do that in the evening. Other than that, I don't know why it wouldn't work for Sinistral, as it works fine under the cygwin shell, which tells me it should all be there.

Also, as I, too, used wine 0. SNy Well what I think just now is that it can't reach its server due to some weired issue with my firewall as this happens at searching for the auth server, will test this more today's evening. What I have figured out, too is, that it seems you can't use FakeFullscreen or windowd mode on wine both gave me an error.

On first launch lotroclient. SNy, have you tried to run the lotroclient. As for the script I have updated it on my side to get the gametype and URL from the datafiles. I just need to clean it up a bit. If you don't mind I would post it here when finished or send it to you. No, I haven't come across this yet. I did use the original setup from windows and originally also had the error messages about fullscreen, along with issues 16 vs 24 vs 32 bpp settings of the X server.

I already figured that it must be graphic settings that make mine not work, will try with that --safe option. If you have an improved version of the script that reads additional config files, by all means, post it here or send it as mail to me as you see fit. I finished the improvements and cleaned up the mess I've done hopefully. This should enable users with US clients to start the game through the script I can figure this aut if anyone would post or send in the contents of thi US version of the "TurbineLauncher.

Now starting the client OK, heh. After all, the script makes heavy use of sed anyway, so I just replaced these bracketed argument placeholders from the argument templates on the go. Will do that later tonight. Stay tuned. The game does get into the loading screen just as it does for you, but only after I double-click the loading-ring animation icon on the desktop. I have just found this when reminding me that it does show a spinning ring on the windows desk as well. However, as with you, it just says "quit" after the first login attempt. I hope it's not bash or wine crippling the ticket.

This is actually what I think might be the reason, though. It works? But I can't use the mouse. So I can't really get into the game. C by SNy Reading launcher configuration Error: Could not extract authentication server URL from launcher configuration. My TurbineLauncher. I have the same problem right now. It seems not to capture mouseclicks or keystrokes, yet.

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This happens to both, wine in fake desktop mode and in fullscreen. No sound at the moment, cursor appears but I can't use the mouse and so far no joy out of the keyboard ie pressing ESC so that I can skip the movie.

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But progress is progress, well done for getting it to launch. I had that with another application, is the Allow DirectX apps to stop the mouse leaving their window box ticked? This seemed to resolve the mouse and keyboard issue for me when I had the problem with another app Not too sure about the rendering issue though I am not complete sure but I think I did test it with both cases, this switched on and off, earlier this day.

Will have another look into it later. Try it with an new. I found that if I switch wine to windows mode my mouse and keyboard work, I get no sound in the intro movie but do get sound when the character select screen comes up.

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Though when I try to enter the game with a character my wine bombs and I get a stack dump, someone mentioned something about enabling GLSL in the registry, how do you do that? You can do that in winecfg or wineconfig at the graphics tab in the shader section. This is experimental at the moment, and not fully implemented. Default is 64 that results in 64MB , in the future some automatic ways to obtain the real value should be added.

OK, thanks for the suggestions, I found it to be a bit unstable. What my experiments turned up various, too many to list all I tried is that if I have no sound in the start menu character selection the mouse buttons don't work. When I setup wine with GLSL and tune the game settings up a bit, it will not load the character properly. Loads, then when supposed to get into the actual game crashes. What I did just now until it crashed upon entering Esteldin was to completely remove.

Everything else was set to low, no GLSL in wine due to all its settings just freshly created. I then ported from Guruth to Thorin's, rode to Bree fast travel , then used my horse to get to Esteldin. In the midsts of all this I joined a fellowship with a buddy, tried the voice chat which I could hear but not participate in, due to not having a driver for the headset under linux ATM , killed a bison, mined some oar and wood. Then upon entering Esteldin the client crashed. That's for the heads up. Why with other settings the mouse wouldn't work, I don't know.

Why it crashes if I activate stuff, I don't know. Things need to be figured out, I guess. XP and no sound, no mouse events. In-game graphic settings work at lowest or low. Setting to medium doesn't work in the game. If set in the loading screen it will crash when loading, setting it in game will crash immediately.

So, regarding the script. Maybe you had a look at the script already. What it does is: it creates a new temporary directory. Your problem indicates failure in step 1, basically. HTH, SNy. Well I've had a bit of joy, starting with a new UserPreferences. Set your screen resolution, set to medium in the main graphics tab Click on the advanced graphics tab and find the Shadows section, set Landscape Shadows to Disabled. That works for me on a base build of medium graphics quality. For the sound I had to set the following in winecfg audio tab the tick box labelled Driver Emulation, without it I just got choppy sound but I have a naff on board sound chip.

I'll see what differences there are between High and Medium graphics settings to see if I can ramp it up to a build based on high. The directory. Thanks for yours advices. Hello, I'm french, so excuse my english. GLS" "TurbineLauncher. Strictly speaking, it wasn't sticking it onto the end, it failed to chop it off. Thanks for the fix ajackson. Well I had a long play with the graphics on low mode, no problems what-so-ever. Changed it to the medium build I posted a couple of messages up, played ok but bombed out when I hit a group of people Adso's camp in Bree so I'll have to try tweaking that set up to get it crowd friendly.

I'm trying to figure out what the correct address is. If anyone can help with that problem, it would be most appreciated. Well, first of all, everyone that has problems with running the script, replace the -q option to all the wget calls with either -nv or get completely rid of it.

SNy Reading launcher configuration HTTP request sent, awaiting response Just a thought - and let me be the first to say that this is not my area of expertise. Would it be possible to run it on a windows client with something similar to ethereal to capture the outgoing requests by the launcher? Hm, that looks like what ajackson experienced, it fails to extract the URL correctly. Hopefully that wil fix your problems. I can't quite figure out why it would do that, since the same request works fine on lotroeugls.

I actually see two reason that it doesn't work for you. Thanks for the modification. Error: Could not extract auth result from GLS auth server response. Sorry for the french sentences in the code It seems the SSL connection is unable! Yeah, as stated earlier, this is an issue with certain wget versions or somesuch.

Can't rename the application

The connection seems good. Hi does anyone know how to fix the error Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permission to write them. Thanks Ben. Well, LOTRO is launching, but I've got the same problem than had Sinistral a few days : I got it running at least some bit: It shows the mouse cursor and th first screen, then it comes to the "Connecting to Authentication Server" and suddenly stops after the first attemp, displaying a blank black screen with an unclickable "Quit" button in the center of it.

I made modifications with winecfg and in UserPreferences. Even, I disabled my firewall, but it doesn't start.. Hmm, whats the exact name of the file it pulls down? Found a registry setting that helps with graphics stability at setting higer than low in the game. Haven't trie it in a higher graphics setting yet though. Oh and does anyone get the 3D portrait of the targetted mob looking identical to your own portrait? This is kinda offtopic but doesn't anyone else find this game an offensive wow clone?

I'm disgusted by the very idea of re-making wow with such a flashy name for easy cash and I hope this won't become too popular for the same reason. It's not exactly a genre defined by innovation.. SNy, I used Ethereal to look at traffic going to, and coming from, gls. Any clue if that would be helpful at all to us US users?

Well what I have found is that if you set the registry entry for the correct amount of RAM on your graphics card you can play without any real problems except performance. BUT the following options do seem to crash the client or, in the case of StencilShadows, cause weird graphical glitches.

Mac Client: Launcher Error > Can't login (error: [Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data ...)

Just changing those allowed me to play the game on Very High graphics only for a bit as my PC isn't quite up to that and the performance was poor , I did briefly get Ultra High working but had a crash but can not reproduce the crash. THeres a lot of stuff in there that looks like it could be handy, I just don't know or understand enough of it to make any sort of sense out of all of it. I've also attached it as a text document to make it a bit easier on the eyes. Yeah, afer I got a gold advertisement yesterday which I wrote a ticket for, I figured that this built-on-IE's-rendering-engine yuk!

That is something that I can't really do anything about, however. SNy [1] no need to start an actual game, just fire up the launcher and authenticate so that is displays the server list [2] no worries, as you only capture traffic to the data center server, it should not contain data sent to the auth server and even if it does say, same IP , it uses HTTP POST on a secure resource, so the dump will not reveal any of your account details -- Edit Oh, I see.

That is quite enough information, I think. SNy, first and foremost.. Your a legend and thanks heaps for helping us all out. In regards to the compiled IE Rendering system, perhaps installing ie6 natively into the same WINE prefix as lotro may yield better results than using gecko? I've also attached a text file with the entire TCP stream that wireshark recorded.

Hope that helps and thanks again :. Let's see if this helps your cause, guys. Side effect is that the response is lacking newline separators, so in order to keep the way the script extracts the server information, I insert newlines after each closing xml tag in the result file see the script comments if interested. I tested this with both my client and against the TurbineLauncher.

Please try the new script link in the sig and report back. Good luck, SNy. Congratulations for this great work. Please try the new script link in the sig and report I can confirm it still working on the EU client. Reading on the EU forum there are a few additional settings in UserPreferences. I just got a reply to my forum inquiry. It really does interest me how one is supposed to get access to forums. Also, funny that in order to contact the administrator, you need to login, meaning you would have to register first, which Now the question is, is one supposed to get a lotro forum account along with the game account?

If so, how about lotro-europe? Can we join forums. This is the only way you can create a forum account on forum.

Lord of the Rings Online

If you are a Codemasters customer, Codemasters has provided forums for your convenience. The two forums are separate entities. I hope this answers your question. Have a good day. We are all playing the same game, really. Thanks, SNy. Excellent work, seriously, I am very impressed. I emailed them recently about their reasons to go with a. Com maybe everyone else should email them too. Hello, I have to say how utterly disappointed I am that this game has been written in such a way as it only works on the Microsoft Windows platform.

As a Linux user who does not have a single computer with any of Microsoft's products installed, I discover that I will not be able to play LotRO due to this lack of foresite during development. I have been a fan of the Lord of the Rings genre for almost 30 years, I own multiple copies of the books, I own all the special collectors editions of the DVDs and I have thousands of dollars worth of LotR products, yet I will be unable to play the game of my favourite fantasy story ever.

You seem to have failed to realise the significance of the Linux user base. Firstly we are all generally IT literate, which would lower your support overheads. Secondly, we are fanatical by nature and thus make very loyal customers. We are also vast in numbers, fair enough, we are not as many as the windows users out there but we do number millions of people around the world, which would be a significant interest to your shareholders. Why on middle earth did you decide to base the code for the launcher application on. Are you deliberately trying to alienate millions of potential customers around the world?

Do you realise that we will not install windows just to play your game? Do you also realise that you have annoyed millions of potential customers, which will have a long lasting effect on your business model? If I was to write a letter and deliver a petition to your shareholders expressing the outrage of Linux community, do you think they would be concerned that you have failed them by blocking a potentially large revenue stream? So why? Why did you make such a short sighted development decision?

Are you not aware that the number of people now using Linux is at an all time high and continuing to increase? Are you not aware of the recent press article reporting on the utter and diabolical failure of Windows Vista's launch? Are you not aware that more people are shifting away from the proprietary windows platform to more open operating systems? It would be nice to have a native Linux client for the game but even without that, you could have made development decisions which did not include.

But you chose to make even this impossible. I have the pleasure of playing many games in Cedega despite being an exclusively Linux user.