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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

Website Blocker and App Blocker for Mac — Focus

For instance, if you want to access ALL of cnn. No problem! All you have to do is take the Site Information icon in the address bar of your browser and drag it to the Focus menubar icon:.

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  2. How to Block Websites on Mac.
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  7. How to Block Websites on Mac without or with Parental Controls;

Please see the Drag and Drop page for more information about using this feature under different circumstances for instance, when Hardcore Mode is turned on. When Focus is activated, it will block all of the websites that have been entered into the list. A reminder on how to access this list: click the Focus menubar icon, click Preferences and then click on the Blocking tab and make sure that the Websites tab is selected. All other websites NOT on this list will still be accessible while Focus is activated.

Do you want to change the details of a website within the list, adding or removing certain details that best fit what you need to see or block? The site entry can now be changed.

How To Block Websites In Safari On Mac

Sometimes you need to unblock a website for performing a specific task. Other times, you may have accidentally blocked a website that you need to get work done. Or maybe you changed your mind. In the popup window, enter the names of sites that are always to be blocked, then hit "OK. Now just make sure your kid, students, or employees can only log into the account you just configured to limit access, or all that work was for nothing. And remember that these settings will only apply to Apple's own browser, Safari.

If you want to block websites in Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers, you'll need to download specific add-ons for those browsers. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten.

How To See The Websites That Are Currently Being Blocked By Focus

Der Artikel wurde versandt. How to use Parental Controls to block websites on a Mac to help protect children or to increase productivity. Steven John , Business Insider. Blocking certain websites for yourself can help you stay on task and avoid getting you in trouble with a boss or teacher. You don't need to set up separate restrictions for Firefox, Chrome and so on.

It's got a bright yellow icon. Since we haven't yet set up our child-friendly, non-administrator user account, the Parental Controls screen doesn't have much to offer. Select 'Create a new user account with parental controls' and click Continue.

How to customize website options for Safari on Mac

If you've already set up a separate non-admin account, you'll be seeing rather different options. Skip ahead to the step entitled 'Web parental controls'. Creating a new user account is simple. Fill in the five fields, selecting a name the account name will fill in automatically based on this, but you can edit the choice , password and password hint.

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Hit Continue. Now that we've got a separate user account to apply them to, we can see the full range of parental controls options. You can restrict the apps the user can open, the contacts they can chat to and the times they can use the Mac, but we're focusing on restricted websites.

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  4. Blocking Websites — How to block distracting websites on Mac.

Make sure the correct account is selected in the lefthand pane; we have only one non-administrator account at present, so that's not an issue here. If another administrator has made changes to the account's restrictions and then locked it, you'll need to click the padlock at the bottom left and then enter your admin password.

You've got three options: allow the user account to visit any websites; stop the account from visiting adult websites based on Apple's own list - but you can add or remove sites from the restricted list ; or restrict the account to a whitelist of approved sites. Let's start with the second option. Select 'Try to limit access to adult websites automatically' note the word "try" - Apple doesn't claim that it knows every adult website in the world, so cannot guarantee your child won't stumble across something dodgy if you use this option and then click Customize.