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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

Seagate agent goflex software for mac download

But the pricing is at least somewhat understandable given Thunderbolt's currently scant market footprint; right now the interface is mostly only in Macs, as previously noted, and specifically only in the following models:. In lieu of high volume, Seagate needs to charge higher-than-usual prices on its Thunderbolt-based products in order to ensure sufficient revenue and profit return-on-investment. Unknown, too, is the bill-of-materials cost, specifically of the Intel-sourced Thunderbolt controller. Perhaps the latter power unit is over-specified for the need; perhaps, alternatively, the HDD is getting a portion of its power allocation supplied directly over the Thunderbolt link from the connected computer system.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Till then, thanks, but really Optionally, you can also use a USB 3.

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GoFlex is certainly Flexible, but most of you can get by on the Firewire cable. Oddly, the diagnostic software wants users to keep putting the icon on the desktop why not the Object Dock? Its use is limited, showing you the serial number, firmware revision, and volume format and capacity.

Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt Adapter - Unboxing and Overview

I was a little disappointed at the construction of the drive, if only because it looks terribly cheap. The indicator lights are boring in design unlike the patterns from recent FreeAgent designs, and the external shell looks like it was painted in a cheap silver paint. The drive is 22mm deep weighing around three-quarters of a pound at 0. Let us know.

GoFlex Desk for Mac

Up to 6 Thunderbolt compatible devices. Sustained Data Transfer Rate. System Requirements.

Mac OS X operating system Drive mounts atop Thunderbolt Adapter. Power Requirements.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. Environmental Requirements. Dimensions LxWxD.