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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

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I will never like the cloud. Why shun a large portion of their clients? I use CS4 at work for small projects and the license allowed me to install onto two devices as long as only one at a time was used. I will be retiring soon and have to leave that license to my successor. If I subscribe from my PC, can I use use it from my laptop as well? For CS6 and earlier, you could use the software on up to two computers, but only on the same platform.

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Currently, with Creative Cloud you can use the software on up to two computers on different platforms two PCs, two Macs, or one PC and one Mac , if that matters. An Internet connection is required the first time you install and license your apps, but you can use the apps in offline mode with a valid software license. The desktop apps will attempt to validate your software licenses every 30 days. For annual members, you can use the apps for up to 99 days in offline mode.

Month-to-month members can use the software for up to 30 days in offline mode. Yes, you can install and activate Creative Cloud desktop applications on two computers, regardless of operating system, for use by the individual associated with the membership.

See the product license agreements page for more information. This subscription model is awful. Total rip off. Whatever happened to buying and owning a product? Also, the limited number of days between online verification is an issue, considering I use Photoshop as my primary stress relief during long Naval deployments. I have since acquired a iMac to run newer applications under a newer OS, but my main work horse is the older Mac. But even if I was making money, it would still be hard to justify because as someone who has been at the pro level for over two decades, what they offer is of little use to someone like myself, regardless of what their marketers tell you.

Can I still use the photoshop, and illustrator without it?

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If not what should I do? Were you using the Internet method of activation? I thought the authorization code was only needed for phone activation, which no longer works as far as I know.

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Hi, so i just bought the dvd version of lightroom 6 and i have an iMac that no longer has a disc drive. So i was going to borrow a family members disc drive to install the program, but my question is do i need to have the disc in the computer at all times while i am using the program? If you use a computer with no disc drive, I think you can download the trial version of Lightroom from adobe. All you should really need from the box is the serial number.

Ugh this subscription model stinks. Thanks Rob. Definitely as good as anything more recent. Probably just for that reason. I mean it! What is wrong with you?

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Let people create from their imagination instead of using it all just to run the limited tools? Hi Conrad. Thank you for a very informative article.

But I simply can not afford an upgrade. But my choices of using some other software, such as Final Draft will no longer be available soon. Any honest suggestions? Thank you Conrad! This option would let you modernize your OS so that you could run current software such as iTunes for your iPhone, because El Capitan is the second-newest Mac system and still widely supported.

The problems with this option are:. Say a limited budget of just a few hundred dollars to get a more recent but not new Mac capable of running For example a mid Mac mini is supported by OS X It would be ready to run, and the new OS would let you run the latest software so you can upgrade your iPhone. You need to keep your CS5 applications running if the Adobe Creative Cloud plans for the current versions are outside your budget. Adding a used newer Mac to run the latest software while keeping the old Mac on A Mac mini may be a good option.

I can always connect both systems to one another when I need to. The only other issue I see is about affordability with large monitors. Or do you think finding an inexpensive if I can find one used iMac may be the way to go? You might try the reviews at the TFT Central web site. But within that budget you might find a good standard sRGB gamut, conventional resolution display, and those still get the job done as well as they ever have. Hopefully that website will help you find a good monitor.

I can run Sierra which would be ideal for some of the now discontinued applications, sans the Adobe suite. With a head injury, having everything in one small work space to toggle back and forth between is confusing for me now unfortunately.

Adobe CC buying guide: early Black Friday deals, pricing, new features & free trials

I know with the physical constraints I have makes finding something that would work tough, and the limited budget makes it near impossible. But I must remain hopeful and keep looking. You never know what someone has to offer at any given time. Conrad, thank you again for your suggestions and all of for help.

This is probably way too late a reply. Can you recommend me any other product without subscription? There is also a free program called Inkscape on Mac and Windows. There are more options than that, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind. I have been using the Affinity tools for over a year now on a Mac platform. Wonderful apps and if you an old Macromedia Freehand guy like me, Affinity Designer has many features consistent with Freehand.

Highly recommended from this designer 30 years in the biz. Right on! Thank you! On a different note, I was planning on picking up a mid 27 inch iMac when my sister gave me her Hi, I am running Adobe Photoshop Version: This was released back in June According to Wikipedia, there were few updates to this before they went to the subscription model?! But I could not find any updates to download from Adobe.

Or did Adobe go to the subscription model right after this version? I am not sure.

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Also, I am due for a computer upgrade soon and no longer have the 64 bit software. If I decide to keep the version I have and not go to the subscription model, Adobe only offers the 32 bit version of what I have on their website. Any ideas on how I can keep running the 64 bit version? All versions after that are available only as part of a Creative Cloud subscription. Is your application named Adobe Photoshop CC ? If there is a CC in the name, that means it is a Creative Cloud subscription application.

Do you remember how yours was originally installed? As far as updates, all updates released after the introduction of Creative Cloud are distributed through the Creative Cloud application which manages all Creative Cloud software , not as downloads from the website. Regarding the bit download you found, that was a rare exception. If you have a bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.

In other words, like all other Creative Cloud software, the bit version of Photoshop CC is available only through the Creative Cloud application. Yes, CS5 is the best but it seems there are still quite a few folks looking for the trial downloads for CS4, often for bit vs. Pangaea , tvshrine —. Hi Richard, the full and free trials for all Adobe CS5 products in most languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, etc are available by clicking on the product icons above….

It is here. Hi Jesper, for what that message means on your Mac, please see this previous discussion. I am new student of graphic design. If you extend the free trial from 30 days and increase it to 60 days , I think more students will have success with your software. I have a purchased a windows version of CS5 that has been uninstalled from a previous computer. Is a apple trial version available to install from the web and then could I use the install code that I have? Adobe Software Direct Download Links.

So, I downloaded both the files File 1 and 2 for illustrator. You need all parts in the same folder in order to extract Adobe Illustrator CS6. And what version of Windows are you running, and is it a bit or bit system that you have? Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Recently my ssd boot drive failed, as did my backup, leaving me to re-install windows 7 pro from scratch quick tricky for a year old, but made it. Have lost much of my graphic software, much of which will not run on W10, so stuck with W7.

Photoshop Cs5 has been lost. I presume mainly to evaluate it. I am checking to see if I can afford to replace it. As I am very familiar with it, I would ask you after 30 days clearly there is a cost to complete an installation. Please advise as with my limited means, may well direct me to buy Elements instead. Your advice would be appreciated.

Regards, George Webster. Sorry to hear about your computer, George. See if these help, and can help get back the software you had:. If you still have your original serial number available, then you should be able to [re]activate Photoshop CS5 using that free trial download. If not, then Adobe no longer sells Photoshop CS of any kind, so the one-off perpetual license you had cannot be replaced.

However, low-cost Photoshop CC subscriptions are available. Thank you for replying to my e-mail, however you did not appear to answer the main point of my enquiry. Please refer to my original request and you will see that as I have limited means, and no way of recovering my lost software, I wished to know what cost at the end of a trial period to complete the purchase. I would appreciate your response with interest. Again I thank you for prompt follow up.

I seem to be missing a point somewhere. Can I make a fresh approach. At present I cannot entertain upgrading to W10 as much of my software will not run on W