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Long-term forecasts for your personal life will help you to make future plans.

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Biorhythms allow you to find out all sorts of interesting things about people around you, from celebrities to your neighbors and your family members. Friendly interface and detailed documentation make your work with the program easy. Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator 3.

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Biorhythms Calculator 2. Foreshowing - Biorhythms Calculator 1.

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Tweet Facebook. If not, well, it is a fun experiment to try. This is a good app that manages to pack everything into one screen. The charts are drawn and you can see how your cycles rise and fall over the previous few days and the next couple of weeks. Icons indicate how you will feel and arrows show whether your cycles are rising or falling.

Biorhythm Calculator 3.00

This app has more cycles than the other two apps and there is not only the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, but also the Intuition, Spiritual, Awareness and Aesthetic cycles. After entering your birthday, the chart at the top of the screen begins with today and draws the three main cycles for next month.

All the cycles have an eye icon on the right and tapping it toggles the display in the chart. You can add or remove charted cycles and see them all or focus on just one. You can also search for when all the cycles will be high or when they will always be low.

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This enables you to see when your best days will be in the future. The large chart shows these six cycles over the coming month, so you can easily see when they are up or down.

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At the bottom of the screen are the six cycles with checkboxes and these toggle the chart display on or off. This enables you to focus on just the cycle or cycles you want. I like the screen display for Biorhythm the best because it is straightforward and easy to read.

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