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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

Excel Shortcuts Comments Perform the action assigned to the default command button the button with the bold outline, often the OK button. Edit the active cell and then clear it, or delete the preceding character in the active cell as you edit the cell contents.

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Apply the currency format with two decimal places negative numbers appear in red with parentheses. Apply the number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus sign - for negative values. Select cells in a row that don't match the value in the active cell in that row.

Select one character right. Select one character left. Move one word right. Move one word left. Select one word right.

Excel shortcuts

Select one word left. Select to beginning of cell. Select to end of cell. Delete after cursor. Delete character to the left. Delete character to the right. Start a new line in the same cell. Entering data Confirm entry and move down. Confirm entry and move up. Confirm entry and move right. Confirm entry and move left. Confirm entry and stay in the cell. Enter data into multiple cells at once. Insert hyperlink.

Display Autocomplete list. Flash fill. Data formatting Apply general format. Apply currency format. Apply percentage format. Apply scientific format.

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Apply number format. Find and replace Open Find window. Open Replace window. Find next match. Find previous match. Charts Create chart in current worksheet. Create chart in new worksheet. Date and time Insert current date. Insert current time. Apply date format. Apply time format. Dialog boxes Move to next control. Move to previous control. Move to next tab. Move to previous tab.

Apply changes. Check or uncheck checkbox.

Microsoft Excel - Keyboard shortcuts for Mac Excel

Close without saving. Formulas Toggle absolute, relative and mixed references.

Open Insert Function window. Use autosum. Insert function arguments. Confirm entry as array formula. Calculate all worksheets in workbook.

Calculate current worksheet. Force calculate all worksheets. Expand the formula bar. Move cursor to formula bar. Paste name into formula. Autocomplete function name.

Edit the active cell

Grid operations Delete contents of selected cells. Hide or show outline symbols. Rows and columns Open Insert window. Insert rows. Insert columns. Open Delete window. Delete rows. Delete columns. Hide columns. Hide rows. Unhide columns. Unhide rows.

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Group rows or columns. Ungroup rows or columns. I read that the eject key was hard-wired and that there was no way to remap it to fwd-delete.

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  5. The noEjectDelay is also fantastic. Excel also works like a charm now. Hey Gregory-using Key Remap for mac and randomly the f2 will switch back to the cut function. What is causing that? The easiest solution: just replace your Mac keyboard with a standard key layout keyboard with function keys.

    It just works.

    Edit the Active Cell in Excel for Mac

    Do you know how to do this on a MacBook? Not sure how this makes any sense to anyone. Hold the Fn key down, then hit the Delete key and all the cells in the selected range will have their contents deleted. Thank you everyone! These workarounds have made my life so much better!! I was frustrated cause excel disable remove key for F2 but your give simple solution to get back F2 function as usually.

    This is more exciting than when I bought my Macbook.