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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

Recipients can decline the transfer if they choose. In those cases, consider these easy ways to share between Macs, iOS devices, or between the two:. Drag a file or folder into your Dropbox folder in the Finder sidebar or on Dropbox. Once the file is copied to Dropbox, do one of the following:. Share Files with AirDrop in El Capitan Once upon a time, moving electronic files from one computer to another required cables, know-how, and fair dose of determination.

With that in mind: Ensure all devices have Wi-Fi turned on. Check that Bluetooth is turned on. Bring devices into Bluetooth range—no more than 33 feet roughly 9 meters away—the closer the better.

Contacts Only: This limits sharing to people listed in your contacts. Everyone: This broadcasts your location to everyone in range. An AirDrop dialog opens. Send Contacts cards to iOS or another Mac in the same way. In those cases, consider these easy ways to share between Macs, iOS devices, or between the two: Email: A tried and true method for getting files from one place to another is email. The monthly Mail Drop storage limit is 1 TB; each attachment expires after 30 days. See Navigate iCloud Drive. I did the upgrade to After trying several boot options at home including install from recovery disk, I called Apple.

After explaining what was going on, the rep said they figure it is an EFI problem — so pre-boot. Now waiting to hear back from a local Apple tech on how much it will cost to fix. I get hangups, hangs, temporary freezes, and all sorts of LAG that I never had before. Brand new MacBook Pro Retina model, high end model, this should not be a slow machine!

This update is not good. I just downgraded to Yosemite. A surprising amount of people are having problems with OS X My Xcode update to 7. Same here. I am going to reboot and see what is going on. It has also trashed my iscsi initiator with signature issues. I just updated to But My iPad can airdrop on iPhone and vice-versa. Since the The window opens and I get the spinning ball, but nothing ever loads. All sorted now, but took a helluva long time to download El Cap over my rural broadband connection! I did the Launch services and icon servces rebuild did not help. Any ideas? Downloaded through the app store and computer completely froze to a white screen.

Had to power down and restart and now it says the process isnt finished and needs to restart. Everytime I try to restart it does the same thing. Powered it back up in recovery mode and reinstalled OsX and now certain apps like itunes are unusable and launchpad shows osx to be paused. Want to try and see if it will update now that I installed fresh software but also dont want to have white screen freeze again.

I would try the Combo Update approach, it can often remedy weird situations like that due to installation errors. Frightening few hours. I used the combo update and it has gone smoothly for installing, but OS X I thought this thing went through beta?? Hello, Where do I access Terminal?? I tried this but in terminal after I typed that, it said file not found… : Still getting that error message when trying to update my pages app in appstore..

Well my Mac completely freezes at random after installing this update from Apple. I used the combo update. Not a traditional crash but a full blown system freeze. Mouse stops moving. All process stops. So, consider this a beta. Same problem here. System was very stable until installing this update.

Has two freezes after installing I get many freezes and crashes since updating to OS X What a terrible software update. Apple has no quality anymore. Living a charmed life, I guess :. Is the entire Mac crashing with a kernel panic?

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Or is it just a specific app that crashes? Is it freezing or something else? OS X If it is an app crashing, see if there are updates available to that specific app, sometimes developers are slow to update though. I will know in a few hours time whether my Time Machine backup will fix it. The previous fix still works: 1 Change the Hot Corner action to something different.

The 9. The Am loading Been staring at an apple logo and full progress bar for a half hour. That sound right?

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If it fails completely, get the Combo Update and install that instead. Thank you.

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I gave up after an hour w no visible change. I was upgrading from Up came an El Capitan mini window dead center with the image and the X, and some text that read, installing this will take about 11 mins. After that no problem. I assume I missed an alert box or something as I had walked away for awhile. So, so far no problems.

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Good luck everyone. I am on El Capitan for my primary Mac, and Mavericks for secondary. Glad they are still issuing security fixes for older releases.

Seems all they want to tout is the apps that they think might make them money in the future and screw the rest of the apps. You need to update individual Mac apps, like Pages, for bug fixes specific to those apps. Great way to update Macs. I ran into this same problem with an old Powerbook and Yosemite.

If your connection or computer is too slow to respond the Apple server will time out and put at the end of the queue. Over the years, they continue to short the data transfer handshake response time. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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