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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

Linux is a kernel the part of an operating system which interfaces with the hardware , while distributions such as Ubuntu or Fedora add the rest of the software much of which comes from the GNU project to make it into a full OS. Linux and the GNU project originally came to exist to provide a free alternative to the closed-source Unix, so while the code is not descended from Unix, they are quite similar.

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Linux is an operating system kernel only, it is compliant with Unix standards. A kernel is the minimum running software component in a modern operating system that handles the execution of programs, manages hardware, memory, IO, and so on. It is not something a regular user interacts with directly, or is even aware of. Ubuntu is a complete operating system that uses the Linux kernel.

A complete operating system includes programs web browser, file explorer, photo viewer, printer driver, desktop environment, things like that and provides a complete user interface. Since it runs the Linux kernel, it is compliant with Unix standards. Unix is the general name given to the operating system kernel as well the userspace utilities and the standards originally developed in the s.

Unix is an operating system developed in the 70s along side the C programming language. The UNIX paradigm has had a profound influence on every operating system developed since, elements of it can be found even in Windows. Several operating systems have been created which follow the Unix paradigm.

Both operating systems share the same roots

Linux started out as a hobbyist operating system which has since become a very professional operating system. As the name indicates it also follows the Unix paradigm. Many open source operating systems have something called distributions, so there are distributions of Linux and BSD. These distributions are essentially just a set of pre-configured software, but with effort you could just assemble the same thing yourself from scratch.

Its default user interface is Windows shell Graphical. It uses hybrid kernel in older versions micro kernel is mostly used. Linux and Windows both Operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Windows is simple to use but is not a free and open source OS, whereas Linux is free, open source, customizable and secure but kind of complex for the users having no programming background.

Linux is more reliable than windows. Your email address will not be published. Key Differences Between Linux and Windows Operating System Linux is free and open source operating system whereas Windows is a commercial operating system whose source code is inaccessible.

Windows is not customizable as against Linux is customizable and a user can modify the code and can change its the look and feel. Linux provides high security than windows because Linux is open source. Windows must boot from the primary partition. In contrast, there is no such constraint in Linux it can be booted from either primary or logical partition.

The separation of the directories is done using a backslash in windows. On the contrary, in Linux, these are separated by using forward slash. In Linux, file names are case sensitive while windows file name are case-insensitive.

Linux vs MAC vs Windows

Linux uses the monolithic kernel which consumes more running space whereas Windows uses the micro kernel which takes less space but system running efficiency is lower than Linux. It is open source with a large, supportive community building a seemingly infinite range of free applications for use on Linux machines. Many many! Similar to OS X, Linux is less vulnerable to attack than a Windows PC, and Linux distributions are typically updated frequently — incredibly frequently compared to other operating systems — further enhancing their stability and security. Linux operating systems are perhaps the most widely ported — there are distributions used in a wide range of devices from smartphones to TiVo.

Windows is designed to run on PCs, whether bought new or built cheaply, so hardware costs are essentially determined by the consumer. However, the cost of buying the latest version of Windows can be prohibitive Windows XP is still the most widely used version , and the restrictive licensing inevitably forces each user to purchase a copy as they cannot be shared. Coupled with the similarly inevitable cost of purchasing the also-ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite and it is easy to see how users may prefer to simply wait until they need to buy a new PC bundled with Microsoft software.

Despite being Unix-based, OS X is also proprietary software. Furthermore, users are forced to purchase Apple hardware if they wish to use it; Apple computers remain much more expensive than PCs. Linux may be the cheapest, most easily available and customizable of the three, but the continued dominance of Windows not to mention the fact it comes pre-installed on most machines often deters home users from changing to this unfamiliar platform.

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Additionally, while Linux may have a large number of community-sourced applications available, it does not offer as many professional quality one as the other systems. Minority use means some third party software such as popular PC games is yet to have a Linux release. Apple computers have gained in popularity in recent years, and the Mac OS remains popular with professionals — particularly those in creative industries such as graphic design and video editing — due to the quality and performance of programs such as Photoshop on OS X.

Linux may have the smallest share of home users, however commercial use is huge. Servers, mainframes and supercomputers commonly use Linux, as do the film industry, governments both nationally and locally, and many portable device manufacturers.

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As personal computers move away from the desktop and increasingly become portable, adoption of other operating systems will surely follow. Every now and then, I get clients who ask me for recommendations on what laptop or computer they should get.

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I figured this would be a great place to list some of my favorites. Now keep in mind, it really depends on your needs! It is so damn sexy. The battery life is crazy awesome. What makes the Chromebook unique is that it is easy and fast to use.