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How to Change View of All Folders in Finder Window on Mac® OS X™

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How to Change Folder Colors on Mac

Custom Filters release announcement. Related To make your Mac desktop folders snap to the grid, you must change your default view settings.

You can also restore the Windows grid option if it has been disabled on your PC. Right-click an empty part of the desktop and select "Show View Options. Move the "Grid Spacing" slider to the left or right if you want to modify the spacing between your folders, and then close the options window. Drag each of your existing folders to another location on the desktop to make them snap to the grid.

macos - Reset view preferences for all mac folders - Super User

Any new folders you cereate or add to the desktop will line up automatically. Select "Align Icons to Grid. Position the Automator window and the Finder window you left open such that you can see both at once. Next, still in Automator, click on the Finder item in the Library column, and then drag Set Folder Views from the Actions column into the right-hand workspace.

Drag and drop it below the existing entry for your home folder.

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The next step is to customize the settings to match your desired views. As you can see, the icon size, text size, label position, item info, preview, and more have all been set, and a background color has been specified. In addition, the Apply window properties section lets us enable the toolbar, status bar, and even set the width of the sidebar.

Putting it all together, this full-size screenshot is representative of the completed Automator action—your version, of course, will have your home folder and your view settings in it. Please read this bit before proceeding! It may also take a while to run, depending on how deep your folder structure is.