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Some or all of your keyboard keys might change when a different keyboard layout is applied.

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The U. English keyboard and Greek keyboard layouts are shown below. The same keys produce the different characters you see, depending on which language you have selected. If you just want to insert a symbol or accented letter, do one of the following:. Click Advanced Symbol on the Insert tab, choose the font that includes your symbol, click the symbol you want, and click Insert. To insert an accented character, hold a key down until its alternate characters are displayed, and then click the accented character you want. To have AutoCorrect automatically use certain symbols or characters in Word, see AutoCorrect spelling, and insert text and symbols in Word for Mac.

To insert emoji and other symbols via the Mac interface, see How to type accents, emoji, and symbols on your Mac. Office uses the language settings in Mac OS X preferences to determine the keyboard layout that you are using. You can change your keyboard layout, as well as the formats for date, time, number and measurement, in order to match language and regional standards.

How to get the OR sign on MacBook keyboard? | Codecademy

Click the headers below for more information. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences. The Input menu appears as a flag in the menu bar.

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Click the Input menu, and select a new keyboard layout to begin typing in that language. It can be difficult to remember which keys have changed when you apply a new keyboard layout. From the Input menu in the menu bar, choose the input source for the language whose keyboard you want to view. Press the key on your keyboard that corresponds to the character shown in the Keyboard Viewer, or click keys in the Keyboard Viewer. Press a modifier key, or a combination of modifier keys, to see special characters or symbols you can type. For example, hold down the Option key or the Option and Shift keys.

You can change the format used to display information such as dates, times, currency, and measurements so that it matches the standards or language used in the country or region where you are located. Click the First day of week pop-up menu to choose a new first day of the week.

Type the British Pound Symbol in Mac OS X

Click the Advanced button, and then in the Dates tab, rearrange the date elements to reflect how you want the date formatted. In the Times tab, rearrange the time elements to reflect how you want the time formatted. In the General tab, click the Currency pop-up menu to change the default currency.

Click the Measurement units pop-up menu to change the default unit of measure. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The same question goes for alt-cmd-[. Niko Niko 5 5 bronze badges. So use something like Typinater or Presto which are keyboard mapping software for Mac. Dave Dave Wow I hoped that I didn't have to change my keyboard layout to accomplish this keystroke.

How to get the OR sign on MacBook keyboard?

I'll wait some hours to see if someone got another solution to accomplish this, aka a secret combination ;-. If there is none, you'll get the correct answer. Of course, it's probably best you do wait, I'm sure there are better answers but I think my post is a good last resort!

I tested them on Emacs and they work. Tymric Tymric 2 2 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges.

Does that really exist on a mac keyboard layout? Linus I'm using a Windows keyboard so I typed what I saw.

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