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If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you . to add new advice and tips for speeding up your Mac computer.

Drag the item back out of the Favorites section if you no longer want it to appear there.

Mac tip: Miss the Favorites bar in Safari? Here’s how to get it back

You'll see a stylized puff of smoke as the item disappears. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. Skip to main content. From Applications Folder 1. Running Application 1. Finder Favorites 1. Tips Removing an item from the Dock or the sidebar of Finder windows doesn't remove the document or application from your MacBook Pro.

Add Favorites in Safari on iPhone and iPad

If you can't seem to drag and drop an item's icon into the Finder or the Favorites area of Finder windows, your item may be the wrong type for the area into which you're trying to place it. You can rearrange items in the Dock or the Favorites area of Finder windows by dragging them to their desired location.

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Warning Icons you add to locations in the Finder remain there even if you delete or uninstall the original item. References 3 Apple Inc. In Safari on your Mac, see websites you added to Favourites and add new ones.

You can add websites to your Favorites list on a Mac computer's Safari In the top toolbar, select "Bookmarks" and then "Add bookmark" Or. How to add bookmarks for your favorite websites to the macOS Dock or a bookmark could be added to a toolbar or the favorites list for later. In Safari on your Mac, see websites you added to Favorites and add new ones.

If you find yourself frequently visiting the same website e. If you already know how localizing for SUMO works, start translating now.

How to Show / Hide Bookmarks Bar in Safari in Mac OSX | Mac Mojo

If you want to learn how to translate articles for SUMO, please start here. Table of Contents 1 Show or hide the Bookmarks toolbar 2 Add bookmarks to the Bookmarks toolbar 3 Re-order bookmarks on the Bookmarks toolbar 4 Add toolbar items to the Bookmarks toolbar.

The Bookmarks toolbar is hidden by default. To turn it on or back off: Click the menu button and choose Customize….

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Click the Toolbars button at the bottom of the screen.